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Working with two-factor authentication (2FA)

Pipedrive offers you the possibility to protect your account with an additionnal layer of security called Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This can be enabled on a per-user basis or company-wide. See the Pipedrive help center for more about this. You can check if 2FA is enabled by going to your Pipedrive Settings and then to "Password and login". If you are the admin for your company, you can also check the "Security Rules" (Settings > Security Center > Rules).

When working with Pipedrive in Outlook, this used to be a problem. Not anymore! In this article, we will guide you through working with the Pipelook add-in for Outlook with a 2FA-secured Pipedrive account.

First, go to Outlook, open the Pipelook add-in and click "Login with Pipedrive" (if you need further assistance, this process is described with more details in our dedicated help page). If 2FA is enabled on your account, you will see this screen when trying to login from Outlook:

Now, you need to go to your mailbox and open the email Pipedrive just sent you. It contains a login link, you need to copy it. It should look like this:

The link you just copied is something like https://[yourcompany].pipedrive.com/2fa/verify/magic/.... Once you have it copied, you can go back to the Pipelook sidepanel in Outlook, where you initiated the login flow. Click the "Use 2FA" button:

A small dialog will pop up. It contains an input field where you can paste the magic link you just got from Pipedrive. Paste the link and hit "Authorize". A new window will open. You just have to wait for the auth process to finish; once you are effectively logged into Pipedrive, you can close it.

Congratulations! You have just authorized Pipedrive to load inside Outlook context! You should now be connected with your Pipedrive account in the sidepanel. If the logging flow itself has been interrupted, you can start it again by clicking the "Login with Pipedrive".

You're good to go!

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