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About your company's data satefy

Pipelook is operated and served through HTTPS, the secure version of good old HTTP. This means all of the data is transmitted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

This is quite important to make sure your credentials won't get stolen while logging-in! The login itself is handled with OAuth technology, the standard authentication method proposed by Pipedrive.

We only use the official Pipedrive API and Outlook SDK. There is nothing hacky, we play by the books.

When you're using Pipelook inside Outlook, we make requests on your behalf to the Pipedrive API, using the metadata from the email you're reading (namely, the emails senders & recipients). All that you can see in the Pipelook app is stored locally, on your computer.

  • we do not read your emails
  • we do not keep tracks of the requests you make
  • we do not steal your contacts information
  • we do not sell your data to anyone
  • we do not keep any data from your company's CRM

Pipelook has been through a review process by both Microsoft and Pipedrive, and has been approved for publish: Pipelook is available on the Microsoft AppSource and the Pipedrive marketplace.

All the payments and paperworks is handled by our partner LemonSqueezy. They operate as our Merchant of Records, allowing us to provide proper invoicing to our customers and being tax-compliant worldwide.

Any question? Contact me at support@pipelook.app

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If you're stuck, contact support by email: support@pipelook.app. We're here to help!