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Bug fixes (subscription update)

Bug fix (refresh token) / loading optimization

Bug fix (deal title & amount edit) / enhanced documentation

New feature: support for two-factor authentication (2FA)

New features: possibility to edit and filter activities, existing deals can be linked to a person

Improved sidepanel UI

New feature: possibility to edit & filter deals. Deals' smart BCCs can be copied to clipboard.

Improved sidepanel login flow

Improved sidepanel UI

Improve timezone management for activities

Bug fixes (authentication)

Bug fixes (Office integration, payment integration)

Bug fixes (organizations management)

Bug fixes (Office integration, improved organization search & person search)

Added 14-day free trial

Improved contact selector

New features: pinnable add-in, possibility to use the add-in when composing a new mail

Bug fix: Avoid user logout after inactivity period

New support page for manual install procedure (for users without access to the Microsoft AppSource)

New feature: possibility to associate a person with an organization

Support & feedback button in the Outlook sidepanel

Added direct links from activities to Pipedrive

Initial release